Step 7:  Recreate


After signing in, you can enter the area.  As you recreate, please be mindful that you are on a military base and follow the instructions of any military or civilian officials.  If for any reason you encounter ongoing unexpected military training activities, please exit the area promptly and report the incident to DPTMS Range Operations.  Military operations of any sort, of any magnitude, for any reason takes precedence over the recreational use of the area.

You must place a copy of your iSportsman Permit in your front windshield so that your iSportsman permit number is visible. The best method is to fold it in half and place it on the driver's side dashboard so that the permit number can be easily seen from outside the car.

You must carry a copy of your iSportsman permit with you.

The failure to have a copy of your iSportsman permit with you or the failure to display your permit number in your vehicle may result in the revocation of your recreational privileges, tickets, ans/or other sanctions.