2023 was a busy year in the Fisheries Management world on FLW. If you want to see into what goes on behind the scenes and what we are doing to make your fishing experience better check out the reports below.

Take a glimpse at what happened last year in fisheries management, a summary can be found in the 2023 Fisheries Management Report. If you are interested in how often your favorite fishing spot get used check out the 2023 Angling In a Splash Report. 

Check out the 2024 Fishing Forecast for fishing opportunities on FLW.


Rivers and Streams

There are ten streams with a total of 34 miles of permanent flow on the post; however, only ten miles of the Big Piney River and 13 miles of Roubidoux Creek contain sport fisheries.


To find some suggested access points for the Big Piney River and the Roubidoux Creek, click on the Maps tab above.

Stone Mill Spring is part of the U.S. Forest Service Mark Twain National Forest and is cooperatively managed by the U.S. Forest Service, Missori Department of Conservation and the Fort Leonard Wood Natural Resources Branch. It is accesible through Fort Leonard Wood only therefore Installation Access protocols apply. Go to the Installation Access page under the Home tab for complete information. Fishing regulations can be found on the Regulations tab under state regulations and recreation area regulations can be found under federal regulations.

While recreating and/or fishing at Stone Mill Spring or along the Big Piney River, a FLW Outdoor Recreation Permit and FLW Sportsman’s Permit is not required. You are not required to check in/check out using the iSportsman system. See table below for additional fishing permit and access requirements information.

Ponds and Lakes

There are many ponds and lakes on Fort Leonard Wood, eighteen of them, equaling approximately 95 acres, are actively managed for fishing. These range from 0.2 acre Littlewood Pond designated as a children-only fishing pond, to 40.6 acre Bloodland Lake, with features such as a floating fishing dock, picnic pavilion, permanent privy, and graveled access roads and parking areas. Bloodland Lake is fully accessible to anglers with disabilities. 

 All of the managed fishing impoundments are accessible via surfaced roads and have parking lots nearby. Please keep in mind that heavy equipment and military vehicles travel these access roads as well. Therefore, depending on weather and time between scheduled maintenance, traveling these roads may require special attention. While most ponds are small enough to be fished easily from the shoreline, graveled or concrete boat launching sites are provided at a few of the larger lakes. Anglers may use their own boats (no gas powered motors allowed) without additional permit or fee, or they can rent boats and canoes from the Outdoor Adventure Center. For your convenience, most impoundments have information signboards with posted fishing regulations.

While recreating and/or fishing at Fort Leonard Wood impoundments, a FLW Outdoor Recreation Permit and FLW Sportsman’s Permit is required and you are required to check in/check out using the iSportsman system. See table below for additional fishing permit and access requirements information.


 We do our best to keep these areas clean and managed for your enjoyment but please take an active role in reducing litter and DO NOT LITTER! If no trash can is provided or if it is full, TAKE YOUR LITTER TO THE NEAREST AVAILABLE RECEPTECLE to dispose of it properly.

See the Regulations and Maps tab above for fishing regulation and location information for the eighteen managed fishing impoundments on Fort Leonard Wood.

Follow link to view and download more information about FLW fishing opportunities

Fish Species

There are 76 species of fish found in the waters on or adjacent to Fort Leonard Wood, ranging from native species such as the diminutive rainbow darter and fathead minnow to the sizeable longnose gar and common carp.  The most sought after sport fishes found on the post include, largemouth and smallmouth bass, rock bass (goggle-eye), black and white crappie, various sunfish, and channel catfish. Some anglers also enjoy fishing for carp and a host of sucker species.

You may find a new creel survey when you check out using iSportsman.  This survey will ask about the location, numbers and sizes of fish caught to provide more accurate data for management purposes.   


Follow link to view and download a guide to Common fishes of MO and FLW.

General Fishing Permit and Access Requirements

  FLW Outdoor Recreation Permit required

FLW Sportsmans Permit required

applicable state permits required check in/check out with iSportman system
Big Piney River N N Y N
Stone Mill Spring N N Y N
Roubidoux Creek- from FLW 8 to Polla Rd Bridge only Y Y Y N
Roubidoux Creek- from HWY 17 bridge to FLW 8 Y Y Y Y
FLW impoundments Y



Missouri state permits may be purchased from the online at Missouri Department of Conservation Hunting and Fishing Permits.