Step 5: Purchase Permits


2018 Permits are now available for purchase through iSportsman

Note: The 2018 Outdoor Recreation Permit is FREE.  The Outdoor Recreation Permit is necessary to check-in and check-out of areas outside of the FLW Cantonment Area for activities other than hunting, fishing, and wood cutting.


You can purchase permits by clicking on the "My Account" tab above.  After logging in, click on the "Available Permits" button.  Only permits that you qualify for will show up as available. If you qualify for free permits (Youth, Senior, Dissabled) you must visit the Outdoor Adventure Center to validate your account.  Once validated, the free permits will show up for purchase. 

FLW Outdoor Recreation Permit

All persons recreating outdoors on FLW in areas outside of the cantonment area are required to obtain an Outdoor Recreation Permit.

All hunters and all anglers (even if fishing in the cantonment area) are required to obtain an Outdoor Recreation Permit in addition to a Sportsman Permit.

Recreating in or at DFMWR facilities, participating in DFMWR-sanctioned group events, or participating in other officially-sanctioned group events outdoors does not require iSportsman registration, the purchase of an Outdoor Recreation Permit, or checking in and out of the area.

If you are canoeing or kayaking with equipment rented from or provided by DFMWR in the Big Piney River, an FLW Outdoor Recreation Permit is not required nor is checking-in or checking-out.

No FLW Outdoor Recreation Permit is requied for recreating on or fishing the Big Piney River or Stone Mill Spring. The Big Piney River is considered waters of the state and Stone Mill Spring is part of U.S. Forest Service Mark Twain National Forest .


FLW Sportsman's Permits (Hunting and Fishing)

In addition to an Outdoor Recreation Permit, hunters and anglers must purchase a FLW Sportsman's Permit and seasonal permits if required.

No FLW Sportsman's Permit is required If you are fishing in the the Big Piney River or Stone Mill Spring. The Big Piney River is considered waters of the state and Stone Mill Spring is part of U.S. Forest Service Mark Twain National Forest. 

A free Sportsman's permit is available for hunters and anglers age 15 and under, age 65 and older, and disabled veterans (60% disability or greater).  You are required to validate your age or disability status in person at the Outdoor Adventure Center before the free permit(s) will show up as available for purchase. If you are eligible for a free permit but purchase one anyway, we are not able to refund the purchase price.

The fees collected from the sale of hunting and fishing permits are placed in the Conservation Reimbursable Account in accordance with Federal Regulations (Sikes Act).   Up to 10% of these proceeds may be used for administrative costs of issuing hunting and fishing permits.  The remainder is required to be used in support of conservation activities such as habitat improvement.  Per Federal Regulations, these funds can not be used for recreational purposes or for the construction of recreational facilities.

Once a permit is purchased, no refunds will be given, regardless of the reason.

Missouri Department of Conservation Permits

In additon to FLW permits, all applicable state hunting and fishing licenses are required and can be purchased from the Outdoor Adventure Center or online from the Missouri Department of Conservation Hunting and Fishing Permits.

FLW Firewood Permits

A Firewood Permit allows individuals to cut and remove firewood for personal use from AUTHORIZED areas only.  Only wood that is already down may be cut; standing trees may NOT be cut.  Daily check-in & check-out through iSportsman is required.  Click Here for more information on firewood permits.